• Liverpool, UK


Below you will find a range of FAQ questions…

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

COVID-19 has caused many issues across the world and one of the sectors badly affected is the postal service. Until matters improve, we will only be shipping within the UK. (Digital downloads do not apply to this and can be downloaded worldwide)

We will make an announcement when we commence worldwide shipping.

My item hasn’t arrived yet and the estimate arrival date has passed. What shall I do?

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on the whole postal operation and we ask that you wait a few more days while Royal Mail catch up if the item has not arrived by your estimated arrival date listed in Etsy. Due to staff isolating there may be a delay.

Please bear this in mind if buying for a gift to be given within a short time frame as there is no guarantee 1st class is 1-2 delivery days and 2nd class 3-5 delivery days.

I would like a large supply of one of your products. Is it possible?

Anything is possible. Send us a message and we’ll work out some details such as creation and dispatch time and create a custom order just for you.

What is the last day for Christmas orders?

We will be having our last Christmas delivery date on the 12th December to ensure this gives time for arrival incase of Royal Mail delays. We will post parcel after this date but we can’t be sure that they will arrive before Christmas.

Can I speed up my order?

All our orders come with 2nd class as the default selected postage, however from 1st January 2021 we will be offering the option to upgrade to 1st class postage for a small fee.